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About aesthetic medicine...

Aesthetic medicine is a new and growing industry. When applied well, it can enhance your good looks, while also making your skin healthier using clever medical procedures or non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Many people struggle to comprehend exactly what is done, what can be achieved and by whom. The media often create horror stories because it fills column inches and attracts viewers – indeed it can be daunting, especially if the treatments are carried out by unqualified or inexperienced practitioners. A sensible, knowledgeable medical practitioner can, however, create great results.

More about aesthetic medicine...

Most people associate medical aesthetics with ‘botox’, which is just one treatment from a whole range of options. Ours is an industry that is growing tremendously and it has a lot of social stigma, yet at the same time it is growing so quickly because people secretly want to look their best. We quietly want to keep ahead of our peers and make ourselves look better and younger! Any man or woman who is serious about their looks will be considering, or even already having, regular aesthetic treatments, in exactly the same way that they have their highlights and haircuts.

Medical aesthetics can make a huge difference – both positive and negative – and it is crucial to choose a practitioner with whom you feel comfortable and who has the appropriate medical training. It is a fast-developing industry, so the practitioner needs to do a lot of serious research in order to determine the most appropriate treatment options. Not only do you need a safe pair of hands, you also need them to be highly skilled in order to enhance your best features.