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Laser pixel skin resurfacing...

Pixel skin resurfacing is a laser treatment which improves the texture of your skinand the skin tone. It smoothens wrinkles, reduces large pores and diminish uneven pigment. This procedure erases those factors that add years to our appearance, restoring youthful vitality. Pixel skin resurfacing does all this with very little discomfort and hardly any down-time, providing very effective and dramatic results.

More about Laser Pixel Skin Resurfacing...

How does 'Pixel' work?

Just think of your face as a 3D portrait in the process of restoration or touch up! Just as a painting on a computer screen is divided up into pixels that can be restored, likewise can Pixel resurfacing improve your appearance and complexion by affecting only fractions of your skin at a time by producing numerous tiny but deep laser columns in your skin, known as micro thermal zones. The laser pulses create tiny ablative zones, which remove the old superficial epidermal cells and penetrates deep into the dermis, where it causes fibroblasts to generate collagen and elastin. The treatment then triggers new, healthy and tighter tissue which has a more even tone, plumber and less wrinkled. It reverses the ageing process.

What to expect...

Your physician will determine the ideal treatment plan for your needs. Generally, the treatment involves two to four sessions, at three to four weeks intervals. Right after the treatment you may feel a tingling sensation not unlike a sun burn and your skin appears reddened and hot, as if you have been in the sun. This subsides, generally within the procedure but it depends on the level of procedure. You may experience slight swelling and redness for a day or two as new skin replaces the dead tissue, your skin will start crusting and peel on day 3, a sign that healing is underway. This will last a number of days and it is important to moisturise and exfoliate as well as using sun protection. Your skin will look better after a week of healing and will steadily improve over the next few months. There is no need for anaesthetic cream.

Who can be treated, and which parts of the body?

Pixel skin resurfacing can be used on patients of most skin types anywhere on the body. Since this procedure spares healthy tissue, it can be performed on delicate skin areas, such as neck, d├ęcolletage, hands and eyelids.

It is advised not to treat tanned skin.

Will Botox work for me?

The treatment can take up to 2 weeks to take full effect but mostly it will start working after a couple of days. A minor top-up or adjustment may be desired. The treatment lasts 3-4 months at which point a new procedure can be performed. Some patients may experience less effect or that it lasts shorter depending on the individual metabolism. Smoking and regular exercise can affect the durability.


  • Improves skin texture
  • Improves pore size
  • Reduces scarring and stretch marks
  • Reduces uneven pigment and superficial capillaries
  • Reduces wrinkles, lines and sagging skin
  • Improves firmness/skin tone
  • Reduces acne scarring

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