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Radiesse is a longer lasting injectable implant which is approved for correction of moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. It is 100% bio compatible and degradable. It is non- animal or human and completely synthetic. It is made of calcium hydroxyl apatite particles in a gel form. It delivers immediate effect and a delayed collagen production. It is highly viscous and therefore has an advantage in certain treatment options. The grid lines are more rigid and will sustain more pulling and contracting from muscles than other fillers. It is also more accurate and has benefits when creating particular effects such as eyebrow lift and cheek augmentation.

It has been used for 25 years in the human body.

More about Radiesse...

How does Radiesse work?

It performs as a filler initially. Over time the macrophages in the skin dissolve the gel carrier and fibroblasts form new collagen. New collagen connects with the residual gel. After about a year the gel is totally absorbed and new collagen has been developed. The treatment can last between 14-18 months, depending on your metabolism. Extreme stress, smoking and excessive exercise will reduce the longevity.

What to expect

After an initial consultation and assessment, we carry out the treatment which includes a numbing cream and if you wish a dental block. The skin is then cleansed and prepared where upon the chosen areas can be injected. The injections are smooth and almost pain free as the Radiesse contains an aesthetic. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. There is an immediate result and the skin settles with about 30% reduction over the following couple of days. More injections can be added later on. Bruising is a normal side effect but in most cases the bruising is very minimal. The result is very much depending on the amount injected, the facial anatomy and the skill of the therapist. Surgical expertise is required but also an aptitude for proportions and so the result will always vary according to the practitioner.

Who can be treated, and which parts of the body?

It is not advised to have the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not advisable to treat an area that has recently been injected with another type of filler. Injecting can set of a trigeminal neuralgia, if there is a history of such. Taking steroids, aspirin or anticoagulants can cause complications and it needs to be assessed. Any history of cancer in the face or other implants also needs to be discussed.

The Benefits:

The following areas can benefit from Botox treatment:

  • Improves wrinkles, sagging and sunken appearance
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Cheek bone sculpting and enhancing
  • Eye brow lifting
  • Lip line reduction
  • Nose and chin correction
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Jowls filling out
  • Marionette lines and lines around mouth corners

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