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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the UK and continues to grow year on year.

Do you wake up every morning only to pencil in your brows for the millionth time, apply eyeliner and add colour to your lips? Semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) imitates perfectly applied makeup with very natural looking results.

How does it work?

The effect is achieved by placing hypo-allergenic colour pigment into the dermal layour of your skin using a state-of-the-art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market – very different from the devices and inks used for tattoos.

How long will it last?

Semi permanent makeup procedures fade over 1 – 5 years with a colour boost treatment recommended every 12 – 18 months to maintain a fresh appearance.

Does it hurt?

Everyone is different, but our advanced equipment and techniques mean that discomfort is minimal.


Perfectly shaped, balanced and defined eyebrows. This treatment is ideal for those whose brows are very fair, have thinned or been over-plucked or if you simply want to improve their shape.

semi permanent makeup for eyebrows professional eyebrow shaping


Defined eyes make a difference to your whole face. Semi-permanent make up can make eyes look bigger, and lashes appear thicker and darker.

semi permanent eye liner


Semi-permanent make up is a great way to transform think or uneven lips, or lips that have lost their shape or fullness with age. The treatments will give you fuller lips and help restore youthful definition to fading lips. You can choose a bold colour if you are adventurous, though most clients prefer a natural colour that is perfect for every day but can be enhanced with your own choice of lip colour if required.

semi-permanent makeup for lips

Complete hair loss and cancer recovery

The treatments are appropriate for people with total hair loss whether through alopecia, burns or cancer treatment and can help to re-build confidence and self-esteem.

About Fiona Ross

Fiona is a professional semi permanent makeup artist with a passion for creating natural and flattering eyebrows, eyes and lips to enhance natural features. Semi permanent makeup is the perfect solution for women (or men) with busy lives who just want to make the best of themselves, and make life a little easier by freeing up time each day.

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